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Witch Way (★★★)
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Card Type




Magic Cost

1 Magic Point

Spell Effect

Gain 1 Magic Point for every different landscape on the field.



Witch Way is a 3-Star, Rare Spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 35 or through the Algebraic Chest.


Using this card in a deck with four different landscapes will result in gaining three more magic point than you had before using the card (or four if the opposing player has the fifth landscape). This makes it possible to summon a 5-star (Algebraic Rare) card on your first turn, leading to high damage to the opposing Hero. If used in conjunction with Brief Power, 2 4-Star (Very Rare) cards can be summoned.


This card cannot be crafted.

However it can be used to craft Travelin' Wizard.

Card Drop Location[]

Witch Way can be obtained as loot in:

  • Quest 35 (Magic Man)
  • Quest 95 (Flame Princess)