Volcano (★)
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Card Type




Magic Cost


Spell Effect

Choose a lane and destroy all Buildings and Creatures on it (player's and opponent's).


Volcano is a 1 Star, Cool Spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Cool Chest, or as loot in battle.



Volcano has a high Magic cost, so use it wisely. Mostly useful for defeating high defense creatures or annoying buildings, but also as a last resort if you have and undefended lane and are about to run out of health. If you are desperate to get rid of a very strong card (Doctor Death or Good King Wonderful Sandy etc.) And you don't have any other creatures or you have cheap ones, you can use this spell to fully eliminate any building and creature in the opposing lane, but also destroying yours.


It would be helpful to avoid them using Psychic Tempests.


Card Drop LocationEdit

Volcano can be obtained as loot in

  • Quest 9 (Marceline)
  • Quest 30 (Dr. Donut)
  • Quest 86 (Gunter)
  • Quest 87 (Gunter)
  • Quest 89 (Ice King)
  • Quest 90 (Ice King)
  • Quest 91 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 92 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 94 (Ricardio)
  • Quest 95 (Ricardio)
  • Quest 98 (Doctor Finn)
  • Quest 100 (Lady Rainicorn)
  • Quest 101 (Lady Rainicorn)
  • Quest 113 (Lumpy Space Princess)
  • Quest 114 (Lumpy Space Princess)

Bugs Edit

After being used, its text at the top screen does not go away, and if a creature is tapped during the spell animation, its top screen text will show up and overlap with the volcano's text.

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