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The Useless Swamp isn't that useless. These characters are well-balanced, though a little bit weak in the pre-game. In a way they are the opposite to nicelands., as their floops focus on dealing damage. As the game progresses, there are both tank-like useless swamp creatures and glass cannons such as the Mace Stump. Most of their floops deal direct damage to opposing creatures and the hero,such as the Wandering Bald Man, Gray Eyebat, Mace Stump and the Green Merman.

Useless Swamp Cards[]

Bald Man's Throne.png
Banshe Princess.jpg
Banshe Queen.jpg
Bog BanShe Angel.jpg
Bog Bum.jpg
Bog Frog Bomb.jpg
Chest Burster.png
Dark Angel.png
Davey Bear.jpg
Dr. Death.jpeg
Eye Guy.png
Fly Swatter.png
Ghost Tree.png
Gray Eyebat.jpg
Green Mermaid.png
Green Merman.png
Hot Eyebat.png
Immortal Maize Walker.jpg
Mace Stump.png
Mama Spider.jpg
Man Witch.jpg
Marky Mark.png
Orange Slimey.png
Pea Soup Barfer.png
Pete Bog.png
Po the Wizard.png
Rainbow Barfer.png
Record Thug.jpg
Red Eyeling.png
Snappy Dresser.png
Steak Chop.jpg
Teeth Leaf.jpg
Tree of Underneath.jpeg
Wandering Bald Man.png