UFO Abduction (★)
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UFO Abduction

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Spell Effect

Choose one of your Buildings and move it to one of your empty lanes.


UFO Abduction is a 1 Star, Cool spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Cool Chest, as a loot in Fionna and Cake quests, or in the Card Forge.


Offense Use: If you need to boost a creatures offense you can move one of your offensive buildings from another of your lanes.


This card is similar to Teleport, as it lets you move buildings to another lane, effectively making them reusable.


When used with Teleport and Volcano, it can clear a lane of enemy creatures and buildings, then allowing you to return the building and creature back to their original spots.


A great counter to this card is Dark Portal, as it can return enemy buildings to where they were before, or put them in lanes where they don't want them.


UFO Abduction can be crafted after completing Quest 11. It's crafting recipe is

It can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationEdit

Quest Drop Rate
Fiona & Cake 6B 20%


A glitch with this card can be used in-game, and can be helpful. Using UFO Abduction to move a card that gives a set amount of stat boosts DOUBLES the effects of the card. Has been proven to work with Astral Fortress, Corn Dome, and Sand Castle.