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Mysterious as it is elusive,the Treasure Cat rewards those who accept the challenge. Once a day the Treasure Cat will appear at a random location on the map. Defeat it to the claim treasure.

Treasure Cat.jpg

Treasure Cat's deck (incomplete): Axey (Gold), Sandasaurus Rex, Punk Cat (Gold), Struzan Jinn (Gold) x2, Obelisx of Vengeance, Pieclops (Gold), Spirit Torch, The Mariachi (Gold), Wall of Sand (Gold), Magic Hot Dog Pie x, Blood Transfusion, Green Party Ogre, Stonehenge, Unempty Coffin, Psionic Architect (Gold), Sand Knight (Gold)

Treasure Cat Prizes[]

Whenever you beat Treasure Cat, you would win a prize of the following. These cards come with a special pink border. Also, you are not always guaranteed a new card.

Banshe Princess.jpg
Banshee Queen.jpg
Furious hen.jpg
Furious Chick.png
Bog Frog Bomb.jpg
Furious rooster.jpg
BlackHole Pendant.jpg
Music Mallard.jpg
Bog BanShe Angel.jpg
Blood Transfusion.jpg
Man Witch.jpg
Bog Bum.jpg