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Skull Juice (★★★★★)
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Spell Effect

Choose one of your opponent's creatures and switch its Attack and Defense values.



Skull Juice is a 5 Star, Algebraic rare spell card in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic chest.



Skull Juice is the counterpart to Cough Syrup, but Skull Juice is a five star while its counterpart is only 3 star. This is because Skull Juice allows you to switch other players cards and either kill them easily or render them useless, and Cough Syrup only allows you to make your cards more fit for what you want to do.


It is very effective against wall units, such as Wall of Ears and Wall of Sand as it will instantly kill them. Use it on strong creatures who have a high defense but a weak attack. It is useless on equaled creatures, like Evil Eye, Lime Slimey, The Sludger, Mama Spider, Travelin' Farmer and Legion of Earlings. Use this with either Cerebral Bloodstorm or clairvoyant daggerstorm For maximum effect.


Use Cards with balanced attack and defenses, such as the Legion of Earlings, or the Corn Dog (it isn't too unbalanced, this kind of gap should work as well). If the Skull Juice has put the said creature at a disadvantage use a Cough Syrup to again switch the creatures Attack and Defense values back to normal.


Crafting recipe unknown.