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Silo of Truth (★★★)
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Card Type




Magic Cost

1 Magic Point

Building Effect

Creature in this lane gets +2 Attack for each card in your opponent's hand.



Silo of Truth is a 3 Star, Rare building in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, or as loot through Fionna and Cake quests.



The Silo of Truth is a attack buffing building that is slightly more situational then other buildings. Unlike buildings such as Pyramidia or Comfy Cave, Silo of Truth is effected by your opponents cards instead of your own. It almost always is more effective then the early game model of it, the Corn Dome, giving +4 attack if the opponent has at least 2 cards in their hand.


Silo of Truth is a weird building. It almost effects your opponent more than you as it forces them choose between either emptying out their hand, or deal with a powerful enemy. At the beginning of the game the Silo will give a whopping +10 attack, and seeing as the opponent can only usually dump one or two cards on the first turn, it will still be a considerable buff when you can attack. Like all attack boosting buildings, you should attempt to put it behind a creature in an empty lane to deal maximum damage, but it is also very effective for killing off creatures too.


Dragon Foot is always a good way to get rid of buildings, as well as Volcano if you want to kill two (or more) birds with one stone. Also keeping your hand empty can completely negate thsi cards effectiveness.


Silo of Truth can be used to craft

Card Drop Location[]

Obtainable as a loot in Fionna and Cake quests.


  • In the card wars episode, Jake used the silo of truth to view all of Finn's cards, and was able to take one of them, but this isn't possible in the actual game.