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Sand Castle (★)
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Building Effect

Creature in this lane gets +4 Attack and +4 Defense


Sand Castle is a 1 Star, Cool building in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 14 or through crafting at the Card Forge.



Sand Castle is like if you put a Corn Dome, and Astral Fortress together, threw on an additional +1 attack. Best of all, it still costs only 1 magic point, making it one of the most efficient buildings in the game, as well as being reliable by not changing due to hand size or amount of creatures. Makes a great replacement building for both of those buildings as soon as you can craft it.


Useful for further increasing strong attacking creature's attack while making sure the extra attack will not mean it is killed by a Cerebral Bloodstorm.

Also essential for most Nicelands creatures that cannot raise their own defense. Also means their generally low attack stat is somewhat usable. Useful for many tanks as well that can take advantage of the attack boost.


Anything that can get rid of buildings, Dragon Foot, being the most simple answer. As it adds defense, getting rid of it may kill a sufficiently damaged creature.


Sand Castle is craftable after beating Quest 14.

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Card Drop Location[]

Unobtainable as loot.