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Pyramidia (★★)
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Building Effect

Creatures in this lane get +2 defense for each card in your hand.



Pyramidia is a 2 Star building in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 23 and in Fionna and Cake quests, or through crafting at the Card Forge.



Pyamidia is a useful defense buffing building as long as you don't empty out your hand too often. If you have at least 2 cards in your hand it is as good as Astral Fortress, and costs the same amount, and any additional cards drawn make it more efficient. It can be useful for buffing glass cannons to allow them to take more hits, or for reinforcing tanks, allowing them to hold a lane longer.


This building does well if you have some draw power in your deck. Cards such as Strawberry Butt, and other similar cards greatly increase the effectiveness of this card. Heroes such as Flame Princess or Ricardio can very effectively use this card due to their abilities to draw free cards every few turns.


Any card capable of destroying buildings, such as Dragon Foot can easily dispatch this building. Doing so will make the enemy creature much more vulnerable, and possibly even kill it if it has sustained enough damage.


Pyramidia is craftable after beating Quest 37.

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Card Drop Location[]

Quest Drop Rate
Fionna & Cake Adventures: 4B 20%