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Portal to Nowhere (★★★★)
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Spell Effect

Return all of your creatures on the field to your hand).



Portal to Nowhere is a 4 Star, Very Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, or as loot in battle.




Use this card if a high Defense card is about to be destroyed such as Diamond Dan or Corn Lord. Or, use a Haunted Windmill, 3 Brief Powers, a Timmy Magic Eyes, maybe a few Witch Ways, a Psionic Architect and this card, you can make an infinite magic point making system. This card is good for half turn kill decks. Example HTK deck can consist of: 1x Witch Way, Timmy Magic Eyes, Eye Guy, Log Knight, Psionic Architect, 3x Brief Power, 3x Crystal Ball, 2x Teleport 2x Scroll of Bad Breath and 1x Portal to Nowhere. Use Timmy with Teleport, floop him, and send back to hand. Basically you are using black cards as a spell card there. After all portal and Teleports you need to use Architect's floop and send Portal to Nowhere back to hand. After flooping all creatures use portal again. Send it back to hand with Architect's floop again and again Do the routine... It's an infinite floop combo. In the end, Eye Guy will kill your opponent in your first turn.


Psychic Tempest


Crafting recipe unknown.

Card Drop Location[]

Portal to Nowhere can be obtained as loot in

Quest Drop Rate
Dungeon of Madness (Mondays) Lv. 3 22.22%
Dungeon of Terror (Tuesdays) Lv. 3 22.22%
Quest 75 (Ash) 4.5444%