Obelisx of Vengeance (★★★★★)
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Obelisx of Vengeance

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Building Effect

Deal 4 Damage to the opposing Hero when your creature in this lane is destroyed.



Obelisx of Vengeance is a 5 star, Algebraic Rare building in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, or through crafting at the Card Forge.



This card can pose a serious threat against low level characters as it can deal damage pretty quickly if weak creatures are dumped on it.


Low defense beatsticks like Ethan Allfire, and Mace Stump do incredibly well with this building, being able to do their own damage, and then an additional 4 when killed. It is best to put cheap cards you won't mind losing in this lane, or glass cannons to add a bit of additional damage when they break. Tanks don't do so well with it. When used with low defense cards, it is very helpful.


A low damage tank works incredibly well against this building however, as it can absorb the damage of the opposing creature, while not killing them quick enough to proc too much damage from the building. Also to get rid of the building itself, Dragon Foot is, of course, amazing, plus it is a reasonably low damage tank in it's own right. Being used with high defense creatures makes it a non-useful building.


Obelisx of Vengeance is craftable after beating Quest 84.

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Unobtainable as loot.