The Nice Lands is a sweet and happy place full of creatures that could possibly mean the difference between life and death for a player's creatures. Although they tend to have low attack stats, most of these creatures are excellent healers, able to target itself, adjacent creatures, a random creature (including opponent's), or even the hero. Some creatures even leech health from an enemy for healing its team.

The earliest encounter with this faction is Princess Bubblegum, who primarily uses Nice Lands creatures in Card Wars (Apple Tree).

Nice Lands Cards Edit

Angel Heart
Apple Tree
Blueberry Djini
Cottonsaurus Rex
Detective Bobby
Dog Boy
Dr. Stuffenstein
Dr Phillip Flufferson
Fairy Shepard
Farmer Tom
Fat Goat
Furious hen
Furious rooster
Ghost Bull
Good King Wonderful
Lt Mushroom
Mother Fluff Bucket
Music Mallard
Nicelands Cutie
Nicelands Eye Bat
Papercut Tiger
Sack O' Pain
Sgt Mushroom
Snake Mint
Snuggle tree
Soft Eyeling
The Cow
Travelin Wizard
Well Dressed Wolf