Mausoleum (★★★★★)
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Card Type




Magic Cost

1 Magic

Building Effect

When creature in this lane is destroyed return it to your hand send this building to the Discard Pile.



Mausoleum is a 5 star, Algebraic Rare Building in Card Wars. It is now released since the 2015 Halloween Update, along with Stonehenge



Mausoleum is different than most buildings as it doesn't directly affect the stats, or abilities of the creatures in its lane. Instead it lets you bounce your creature in the lane back to your hand when it dies at the cost of the Mausoleum.


Mausoleum should be placed in a lane with an important creature such as a naturally bulky tank, or a powerful attacker that you don't want to lose. It is like having a Ancient Scholar waiting in the wings for only 1 magic point, and only takes a little foresight to use effectively. It is an incredibly effective card if you have ways to bring it back, and works terrifyingly well with both Dragon Claw and Peppermint Butler. Scroll of Fresh Breath is also a way to get it back, if a bit unsustainable.


Dragon Foot gets rid of it. Ice King, and Woadic Marauder both temporarily get rid of it, allowing you to deal with the creature it is protecting, Hot Dog Rain doesn't allow your opponent to summon it either.


Uncraftable and cannot be used to craft other cards.

Card Drop LocationEdit

Drops as loot on level 104 of the basic quest.