Green Party Ogre (★★★★★)
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Green Party Ogre

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Sandy Lands

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Floop Ability

Choose a friendly creature and raise its Defense by 4 for every creature you Flooped this turn.

Floop Cost


Green Party Ogre is a 5 Star, Algebraic Rare Sandy Lands creature in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Black Card Tournament as the 1st prize of Tournament #14.


Green Party Ogre's floop is one designed for boosting defense after multiple creatures have already been flooped. Using him to rescue hard hitters such as Dr. Death or Corn Ronin is his primary function. But another very effective strategy is boosting a wall (a creature with high hp) such as Good King Wonderful, Diamond Dan or Cottonsaurus Rex with Green Party Ogre's floop and then playing a cough syrup over that wall dealing massive damage to the opponent's hp or the respective opposing creature. Both strategies typically require large amounts of magic so should only be used by advanced players that use combo decks.


Following the common theme of Sandy Lands cards, Green Party Ogre's ability is a defense boosting floop that bases its potency on the number of creatures flooped during the same turn as it was flooped. This defense bonus has many uses such as saving low hp creatures, boosting already strong walls and being a nuisance against high attack based creatures in general.


Although this creature's floop only costs 2 magic, its strength is entirely based on the number of times other creatures have been flooped during the same respective turn and can thus burn through Magic Points very quickly. Pairing Green Party Ogre with magic producing cards such as Witch Way, Throne of Gloom, and ZaZo's Magic Seeds is imperative to use him well.


Green Party Ogre's greatest weakness is that he's a floop reliant Creature meaning that his stats aren't strong enough to be worrisome. So lock his floop with cards like Field of Nightmares and Cool Dog and you'll have little to fear from him.


Uncraftable and cannot be used to craft other cards.

Card Drop LocationEdit

Unobtainable as loot.