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Grape Butt (★★)
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Spell Effect

Destroy one of your Buildings and draw 1 card.



Grape Butt is a 2 Star, Nice spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 22 or through the Cool Chest, or through crafting at the Card Forge.



Basically gives you one card at the cost of 1+1 Magic and 1+1(Building) cards.


This card is not cost effective by itself at all.

If you have cost reducing cards (or abilities) and you have a way to spam Creatures and draw Spells back from Discard Pile it may cost you 0 Magic Points to refresh your hand. But such trick requires too many cards and overall questionable.

Use this card alongside a creature; eg dragon claw or spell that will bring back the destroyed building.

This card is needed if you have many discard-able buildings and you want to gain something from replacing them.

A hero card that matches Grape Butt is Peppermint Butler. (eg) Grape Butt destroys a building, Peppermint Butler revives it, and you draw 1 card for free for 1 turn with Scroll of Bad Breath. It is a decent set but effective.


Direct: Psychic Tempest, Spirit Torch, Hot Dog Rain


Grape Butt can be used to craft

Card Drop Location[]

Grape Butt can be obtained as loot in

  • Quest 94 (Ricardio)