Ghost Jake

Ghost Jake is a Hero Card in Card Wars. It can be obtained as reward in Quest 54.

Hero AbilityEdit

(3 Turns) All your Plains creatures gain +5 Attack.

Strategy Edit

Try to only use Ghost Jake if 2 - 4 of your landscapes are Blue Plains landscapes.


  • Enter GHOST DOG in the "Redeem Code" window to obtain this card. This code is not valid untill the start of september but works best in october near halloween.
  • Even though this Hero resembles Jake, you can battle BMO in the Campaign Quests anyway. This is despite the fact that BMO, "does not play such games…with Jake."
  • Its ability can improve the attack strength of your creatures better than the normal Jake - however, with Ghost Jake, the attack of your Blue Plains creatures is increased instead of the attack of your Corn creatures.
  • if you have really good blue plains cards this hero is what you should be playing with but if you only have 1 or 2 blue plains cards or landscapes or your just a starter i suggest you get more of the plains cards and do deck wars try to get gold blue plains cards or just get another hero.
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