Gems are the premium currency of Card Wars (the other being Coins.)


8 Gems are given to the player at the start (including the 3 Gems the player is forced to spend on an algebraic chest which always yields a Comfy Cave). After this, they can be obtained three ways:

  • Players receive 1 Gem for each quest they complete with 3 stars.
  • Gems are awarded as prizes in the Deck Wars tournaments for players who finish between 11th to 25th place in their respective bracket.
  • Gems can be purchased with real world currency through in-app purchasing.
  • they can also be obtained in the daily spin.

Uses Edit

Gems can be used to offer advantages that would either be lengthy or impossible by other means. They can purchase:

  • Fully revive hero upon defeat and continue quest (1 Gem)
  • Increase inventory capacity by 5 cards (1 Gem)
  • Instantly fully refill hearts (1 Gem)
  • Open premium chest (3 Gems)
  • Reshuffle decks when player runs out of cards and needs to draw (1 Gem)

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