Card Wars Wiki

Game On![]

Card Wars is a board game app that resembles the Adventure Time Card Wars episode. This game has a slight taste of RPG, a lot of complexity, and infinite fun!

How Does The Game Work?[]

The game works in a simple way. When you start out, you are given a deck, which can be customized with cards that you craft, win as battle loot in Quests, or buy in the Cool Chest, or the Algebraic Chest.

How Do The Battles Work?[]

The battles start out with landscapes being placed. There are 5 possible landscapes: Corn Fields, Nice Lands, Useless Swamp, Sandy Lands, and Blue Plains. Only creatures of the same landscape can be placed on them. Rainbow creatures, buildings, and spells can be placed anywhere. Cards have 2 stats: Attack and Defense. They can be lowered or raised by floops, buildings, and spells. A creature's Health = Defense - Damage Taken, and cannot exceed total defense. When a creature is attacked, it receives damage equal to the attack of the creature which attacked it. A creature can also be flooped. Each floop costs magic. The magic cost varies depending on the floop's power. You can do anything with floops, from bringing creatures back from the dead, lowering attack or defense or just some good old damage-doing.

What kind of cards are there?[]

As mentioned before, there are creatures, buildings, and spells. But that's just the surface. Halloween and Holiday cards can be looted from the Halloween and holiday chests which only appear during October and Christmas holiday. There are also gold cards and black cards. Gold cards are better versions of a creature (Eg. the pig) with the card's attack and defense increased by 50% (rounded down). Gold cards can be obtained by coming 10th-2nd in the black card tournament or in the algebraic chest. Black cards are powerful cards that cost no magic to play. They can only be obtained by becoming 1st in the black card tournament, which is why they're so hard to get unless you hack or jailbreak. There are only 14 black cards and each black card is obtained through different tournaments. For more information on black cards, go to the black card page