Dr. Donut Hero Card

Dr. Donut is a Hero Card in Card Wars. It can be obtained as reward in Quest 30.

Hero AbilityEdit

(5 Turns) Return any Creature from the Discard Pile back to your hand.


A handy ability for recycling old creatures lost to cerebral bloodstorm and stronger creatures.

Dr. Donut's hero ability is similar to Unempty Coffin.

Good option so you can get out your big creatures early without fear of them going to the discard pile and staying there for the rest of the game.

Can be countered by either destroying lots of the opponents creatures early giving them a harder choice or using cards that stall (Nice Lands and Sandylands) to make the ability pointless.  

Since he is only encountered in Quests 28-30 mid-early in the game he can make a great option for your main hero from 31 on.