Door of Strength (★★★★★)
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Door of Strength

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Spell Effect

Opponent cannot summon creatures next turn.



Door of Strength is a 5 Star, Algebraic Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest or as loot in battle.



Door of Strength prevents enemy players from placing any Creature cards on their next turn.This makes it very useful in many strategies and basic play. This card is dropped in many locations past level 60, so farming for the card will not be a back-breaking process..


If you know an enemy has a very powerful card, and you don't want he/she to summon that creature, use this card to counter it. Use a spell card (i.e. Cerebral Bloodstorm,Ultimate Magic Hands) or a creature's floop to get rid of an enemie's Creature. Then play this card to ensure that the lane stays open for you to attack twice or clear the way for you to finish the enemy off. Using Psionic Architect in tandem with this card can come with many benefits, as if you play the Door of Strength and then Floop the Architect you can prevent the opponent from summoning creatures at all for the rest of the game.

Counter Edit

If your opponent used this card,use a Cerebral Bloodstorm as an alternative to a friendly Creature attack.This'll make sure that they don't attack a second time (granted that the bloodstorm killed the enemy). Then place the creatures that you can as soon as the effect of Door of Strength disperses.


Door of Strength can be used to craft

Card Drop LocationsEdit

Level Drop Rate
70 6.0606%
72 7.4074%
76 4.6512%
77 4.5455%
79 4.3478%
80 4.5455%
81 8.0000%
82 14.2857%
83 7.4074%
84 8.6957%
94 2.2599%
95 2.2548%
96 2.0674%
100 3.1706%
101 3.1706%
102 3.1646%
112 3.0506%
113 3.0497%
114 3.0506%
115 3.7341%
116 3.7369%
117 3.7341%
118 2.7972%
119 2.7988%
120 2.7988%
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