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Dark Portal (★★★)
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Card Type




Magic Cost

2 Magic Points

Spell Effect

Choose an opposing Building and move it to an empty lane.



Dark Portal is a 3 Star, Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, Cool Chest, or through crafting at the Card Forge.


Like Wizard Migraine, this card is widely used for crafting. Always save it for crafting later in the game.


Dark Portal is a great utility spell card. It can be used to move an opponent's building giving a particular buff to another creature card. This may destroy the card being buffed or weaken them enough to kill them during the battle phase. Also is great for moving the Spirit Tower out of the way of glass cannon creatures like Patchy the Pumpkin


This card is effective late-game, when there are many buildings buffing glass cannons.


The effects of this card can be easily reversed with UFO Abduction. The easiest counter to this card is to not use buildings. The harder way to counter it is to have buildings on each lane (though that makes creatures like Green Merman more powerful). The less elaborate and less expensive alternative is to use Psychic Tempest.


Dark Portal can be crafted using

Dark Portal can be used to craft