Crystal Ball (★)
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Crystal Ball

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Spell Effect

Shuffle your hand back into your Deck and draw 5 new cards.


Crystal Ball is a 1 Star, Cool Rainbow Spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Cool Chest.



Crystal Ball sends all the cards you have remaining in your hand back to your deck and draws 5 new cards. Such a card is needed in every deck, because you can get a new full hand even if it's the last card in your hand.


  • This card is usually used at 5 (and later) turns but if your deck has lots of low-cost cards you'll be happy to use it at earlier turns.
  • This card paired with mana generating cards like Witch Way, ZaZo's Magic Seeds or cost reducing cards like Brief Power can create vortex of [getting more mana > getting more cards]xN which leads to strong openings from 1st turn.
  • This card also has synergy with Pyramidia, Corn Ronin, Nicelands Eye Bat, Herculeye etc. (every card that is affected by number of cards in your hand)
  • An another strategy is to use this card when you haven't good cards in your hand.


Direct: Psychic Tempest (but it's a gamble if your strategy isn't revolved about such cards you putting yourself 1 step back for using it)

Non-direct: Silo of Truth, Captain Taco (every card that is affected by amount of cards in your opponent's hand)


Crafting recipe unknown.

Card Drop LocationEdit

Crystal Ball can be obtained as loot in