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Cough Syrup (★★★)
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Spell Effect

Choose one of your creatures and switch its Attack and Defense values.



Cough Syrup is a 3 Star, Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 34 and 44 or through the Algebraic Chest.



Cough syrup is useful when switching creatures to have enough attack or defense. However, use it wisely. Don't use it on walls that have no attack because it can kill them. It is the opposite of Skull Juice, which switches the enemy's stats, while this card switches one of its own creature's stats.


If there is an open lane with a tank (Ex. Diamond dan, low attack high defense), use it and the tank card will have higher attack with lower defense, to deal higher damage. If you have Glass cannons against a high attack card( Glass cannons are high attack and low defense) use the spell and it could possibly save it. One way to deal massive damage is to continuously floop the Lost Golem, and then once he kills the adjacent creature, use Cough Syrup to do insane damage to the opposing hero.

CAUTION!!!: make sure that you calculate a card's damage before using. Its MAX defense becomes its attack and its attack becomes its MAX defense, not its health. The damage DOES NOT disappear. If the damage taken is higher than the creature's attack it will die if cough syrup is used.


use skull juice to revert its effects