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Corn Parthenon (★★★★)
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Building Effect

Creatures in this lane get +2 Attack for each different landscape on the field.



Corn Parthenon is a 4 Star, Very Rare building in Card Wars. It can be obtained as a loot in Quest 43 or through the Cool Chest, Algebraic Chest. It appears in the Card Wars episode,where it releases smoke from the Field of nightmares and summons The Legion of Earlings.



Corn Panthenon is a offensive attack boosting building that increases the more landscapes you control (it does not count your opponents despite the description). So if you control Corn Fields/Blue Plains and your opponent uses Useless Swamp/Sandy Lands, you will only get a +4 bonus to attack.


It's recommended for use many in 4-color decks for maximum Attack increase. At 2 landscapes it is better then Corn Dome, but worse then most other offense boosters. Corn Pantheon is outclassed by cards like the Sand Castle, which provide a more consistent boost.


Dragon Foot, or Volcano(However Volcano is an extremely inefficient response to Corn Pantheon as you spend 4 mana to get rid of a 1 mana building).


This card is uncraftable.

Card Drop Location[]

Quest Drop Rate
46 4.8757%
47 5.2604%
48 5.7110%
94 4.5198%
95 4.5096%
96 4.1348%
115 7.4683%
116 7.4738%
117 7.4683%
Dungeon of Madness Lv. 3 11.11%
Dungeon of Terror Lv. 3 11.11%
Dungeon of Weird Lv. 3 11.11%
Dungeon of Thirst Lv. 3 9.09%
Dungeon of Fear Lv. 3 11.11%