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Cerebral Bloodstorm (★)
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Card Type




Magic Cost

3 Magic

Spell Effect

Choose an opposing creature and deal Damage equal to its own Attack.


Cerebral Bloodstorm is a Spell card in Card Wars. It is obtainable from loot chests in the first few levels of the Campaign.



Cerebral Bloodstorm is a one star, three magic Spell card. It is often used against glass cannons such as Dr. Death and Tree of Underneath.


Cerebral Bloodstorm can be good for defending an empty lane if you have no creatures in your hand to play. Use Cerebral Bloodstorm on the opposing creature, and likely a fair amount of damage will be done. However, it is normally advised to hold back with this spell when your opponent drops a high damage creature which you can kill easily.

You encounter Cerebral Bloodstorms all throughout the game from the first levels to the last. Its an amazing spell for beginners and advanced players alike, even able to destroy some algebraic and Black Cards. Overall an essential for every deck.However,it is advised to switch to Clairvoyant Daggerstorm once the player gets it and deal double damage instead of only same damage to the creature.


If you suspect that your opponent holds a Cerebral Bloodstorm, you should hold off on summoning powerful High Attack + Low Defense creatures and instead try to bait it with a Ethan Allfire or Teeth Leaf.


This card is uncraftable, although you may want to use it to craft

Card drop location[]

This card can be found extensively throughout the game, including the following confirmed locations:

  • Quest 10 (Princess Bubblegum)
  • Quest 34 (Lady Rainicorn)
  • Quest 35 (Lady Rainicorn)
  • Quest 57 (Ricardio Heart Guy)
  • Quest 59 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 60 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 62 (Hunson Abadeer)
  • Quest 64 (Jake)


  • Enter C3R3BL in the "Redeem Code" window to obtain this card. Please note that this only works once, and that the code is case sensitive ("c3r3bl" will not work.)