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'Fisher Fish can be useful pairing it with a raising Attack and Defense-Floop can helpful for it but also be aware of Cerebral Bloodstorm. Fisher Fish can be useful when reviving creatures, buildings and spells. Especially use this for creatures who dies when using its floop like Polterclops, Ethan Allfire, etc.[]

Embarrasing Bard is gonna help when the Attackers creatures who raise up its modifiers or lowering our creatures modifiers like Sandy, Heifergeist, etc

Struzann Jinn is the most hepful one but raise its attack and defense so your Attacker can easily be defeated, To counter it is using creatures that ignores its floop like Nice Ice Baby, Embarrasing Bard, etc.

Fantasmo is kinda the betraying type just boost up its defense so it cannot be on the Attackers Discard Pile but also not being concious like reviving floop creatures like Fisher Fish and

Ancient Scholar.

Polterclops is good in sometimes like for quests of Using Blue Plains, Corn Fields, etc. Polterclops can combo up with Fisher Fish, Unempty Coffin, Ancient Scholar, etc.( Tip: I know this is a bad card but its useful in some quests. )

Ghost Djini is good when using its floop combo it with Infinite Figure but its Bugs is kinda destroying it so just stack it. Its also good especially when you don't have a Crystal Ball.

Even other cards like Brain Gooey this will give you sometime to defend your deck. Woadic Chief is for giving your mana to raise up especially when using Algebraic Rare Cards. Madame Seota is a good card like Polterclops but you need Tax Reduction to feel free to use it combo it with a Psionic Architect so you can do it over and over again and also pair it with the Corn Fields, Sandy Lands and Nice Lands.

Most Halloween Cards have 6 - Floop Mana Cost so you totally need Tax Reduction or pair it with Punk Cat.

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