You may have noticed that every card in the Card Wars game has a different texture or drawing but some cards use similar textures or drawings and make them look similar.

The following textures are used for more than one card:




  • Giant Mmumy HandGo to Giant Mummy Hand
  • Dragon ClawGo to Dragon Claw
  • Burning HandGo to Burning Hand
  • Burning Hand GoldenGo to Burning Hand
  • Dragon Claw GoldenGo to Dragon Claw
  • Brain GooeyGo to Brain Gooey
  • CornballGo to Cornball
  • Cornball GoldGo to Cornball Gold
  • Evil EyeGo to Evil Eye
  • Evil Eye GoldGo to Evil Eye Gold
  • Green CactaballGo to Green Cactaball
  • Green Cactaball GoldGo to Green Cactaball Gold
  • Heavenly GazerGo to Heavenly Gazer
  • Heavenly Gazer GoldGo to Heavenly Gazer Gold
  • Ms. MummyGo to Ms. Mummy
  • Ms. Mummy GoldGo to Ms. Mummy Gold


  • Sand AngelGo to Sand Angel
  • Sand Angel GoldGo to Sand Angel Gold
  • Mud AngelGo to Mud Angel
  • Mud Angel GoldGo to Mud Angel Gold
  • Mayonaise AngelGo to Mayonaise Angel
  • Mayonaise Angel GoldGo to Mayonaise Angel Gold
  • Dark AngelGo to Dark Angel
  • Dark Angel GoldGo to Dark Angel Gold


  • Gray EyebatGo to Gray Eyebat
  • Gray Eyebat GoldGo to Gray Eyebat Gold
  • Hot EyebatGo to Hot Eyebat
  • Hot Eyebat GoldGo to Hot Eyebat Gold
  • HuskerbatGo to Huskerbat
  • Huskerbat GoldGo to Huskerbat Gold
  • Nicelands Eye BatGo to Nicelands Eye Bat
  • Nicelands Eye Bat GoldGo to Nicelands Eye Bat Gold
  • Sand EyebatGo to Sand Eyebat
  • Sand Eyebat GoldGo to Sand Eyebat Gold


  • Big FootGo to Big Foot
  • Big Foot GoldGo to Big Foot Gold
  • Dragon FootGo to Dragon Foot
  • Dragon Foot GoldGo to Dragon Foot Gold
  • SandfootGo to Sandfoot
  • Sandfoot GoldGo to Sandfoot Gold
  • Wall of ChocolateGo to Wall of Chocolate
  • Wall of EarsGo to Wall of Ears
  • Wall of Ears GoldGo to Wall of Ears Gold
  • Wall of SandGo to Wall of Sand
  • Wall of Sand GoldGo to Wall of Sand Gold
  • Green MermaidGo to Green Mermaid
  • Green Mermaid GoldGo to Green Mermaid Gold
  • Green MermanGo to Green Merman
  • Green Merman GoldGo to Green Merman Gold
  • Mary-AnnGo to Mary-Ann
  • Mary-Ann GoldGo to Mary-Ann Gold
  • Ordinary NinjaGo to Ordinary Ninja
  • Ordinary Ninja GoldGo to Ordinary Ninja Gold
  • Ghost NinjaGo to Ghost Ninja
  • Ghost Ninja GoldGo to Ghost Ninja Gold
  • White NinjaGo to White Ninja
  • White Ninja GoldGo to White Ninja Gold
  • Beach Mum Gold (Yep, not a ninja, but with its texture)Go to Beach Mum
  • Beach Mum (Yep, not a ninja, but with its texture)Go to Beach Mum
  • Blue SlimeyGo to Blue Slimey
  • Grape SlimeyGo to Grape Slimey
  • Grape Slimey GoldGo to Grape Slimey Gold
  • Lime SlimeyGo to Lime Slimey
  • Lime Slimey GoldGo to Lime Slimey Gold
  • Orange SlimeyGo to Orange Slimey
  • Orange Slimey GoldGo to Orange Slimey Gold
  • Travelin' FarmerGo to Travelin' Farmer
  • Travelin' Farmer GoldGo to Travelin' Farmer Gold
  • Travelin' SkeletonGo to Travelin' Skeleton
  • Travelin' Skeleton GoldGo to Travelin' Skeleton Gold
  • Travelin' WizardGo to Travelin' Wizard
  • Travelin' Wizard GoldGo to Travelin' Wizard Gold
  • Unicycle KnightGo to Unicycle Knight
  • Unicylops (It's a bit differnt from the rest)Go to Unicylops
  • Blueberry DjiniGo to Blueberry Djini
  • Blueberry Djini GoldGo to Blueberry Djini Gold
  • Ghost DjiniGo to Ghost Djini
  • Ghost Djini GoldGo to Ghost Djini Gold
  • Peach DjiniGo to Peach Djini
  • Peach Djini GoldGo to Peach Djini Gold


  • Cerebral BloodstormGo to Cerebral Bloodstorm
  • Clairvoyant DaggerstormGo to Clairvoyant Daggerstorm
  • Hot Dog RainGo to Hot Dog Rain
  • Pie StormGo to Pie Storm
  • Strawberry ButtGo to Strawberry Butt
  • Grape ButtGo to Grape Butt
  • Bubblegum ButtGo to Bubblegum Butt
  • Banana ButtGo to Banana Butt
  • Scroll of Fresh BreathGo to Scroll of Fresh Breath
  • Scroll of Bad BreathGo to Scroll of Bad Breath
  • Throne of DoomGo to Throne of Doom
  • Throne of GloomGo to Throne of Gloom


(Don´t have the same texture

but they do have the same effect

in their different FACTION)

  • Bone Wand (Useless Swamp)Go to Bone Wand
  • Corn Scepter (Corn Fields)Go to Corn Scepter
  • Puma Claw (Blue Plains)Go to Puma Claw
  • Super Hug (Nice Lands)Go to Super Hug
  • Tome of Ankhs (Sandy Lands)Go to Tome of Ankhs