Camera Dude (★★★★★)
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Camera Dude

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Blue Plains

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Floop Ability

Lower enemy Hero's Magic Points by 2 next turn.

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Camera Dude is a 5 Star, Algebraic Rare Blue Plains creature in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Black Card Tournament as the 1st prize of Tournament #7.


Basically Camera Dude makes it impossible for your opponent to play any cards during the early levels of a battle. Deadly when paired with multiples of himself because four Camera Dudes played in a single battle will result in seven turns of zero magic points for the opponent and paired with its free 18 attack and 12 defense would mean total dominance over a battle. If played with Timmy Magic Eyes, the floop cost for Camera Dude would be zero which would be very effective when you're shutting down your opponent.


Playing Camera Dude in a defensive, all Blue Plains deck is the best way to announce to other Deck Wars participants that you are a troll and only play the game to annoy people. On a more serious note, this card when played early gives you control of the first few turns of each match which often rules the outcome of the entire battle. So his free 18atk/12def and 1 point floop give him a strong advantage against many other Black Cards. Floop this with Poultrygeist to steal 2 Magic Points from your opponent.


His best use is in a solid Blue Plains deck paired with multiples of himself and Punk Cat, along with School House for himself and Silo of Truth behind the punk cats with spells such as Ultimate Magic Hands and Cerebral Bloodstorm to clear the opponent's field of any straggler creatures that lucked out and were able to be played. Draw and magic generators such as Snake Eye Ring and ZaZo's Magic Seeds will be the best choices for this deck and using grave diggers like Gunter (Hero Card) and Ash (Hero Card) and Scroll of Bad Breath/Unempty Coffin to revive used spells and lost creatures are the most effective combos for Camera Dude.


The best method of countering this hateful, infamous little creature is playing a combo style, multi-landscape deck that utilizes Brief Power, Witch Way and Crystal Ball. Floop blockers and destruction spells can work as well but only after several turns of waiting for magic points to build up to afford the cost of such cards.


Uncraftable and cannot be used to craft other cards.

Card Drop LocationEdit

Unobtainable as loot. Gotten by getting 1st place in black card tournament #7


  • During the Halloween Card Wars update, Camera Dude's floop ability : "Lower enemy Hero's Magic Points by 3 next turn." was changed to "Lower enemy Hero's Magic Points by 2 next turn."


Camera Dude is easily in the Top 10 Best Cards, next to cards like Dr. Death , Sandy and Timmy Magic Eyes . Along with other black cards.