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Bubblegum Butt (★★★)
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Spell Effect

Draw 3 Cards.



Bubblegum Butt is a 3 Star, Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest/Cool Chest, or as loot in battle.



This card lets you draw Three random cards for 5 Magic Points. It is useful when you need to draw more cards but not actually use more cards.


Be careful of drawing too many cards, you may run out and start taking extra damage.

This card lets you draw 3 cards, each one costing approx. 1.7 magic points (5/3 =1.7). It is less cost effective than Strawberry Butt.

This card need to be used in synergy with Magic generating spells or abilities. Can boost amount of cards you have in hand significantly.

This card also has strong synergy with Pyramidia, Corn Ronin, Nicelands Eye Bat, Herculeye etc. (every card that is affected by number of cards in your hand)


Direct: Psychic Tempest

Non-direct: Silo of Truth, Captain Taco (every card that is affected by amount of cards in your opponent's hand)


Bubblegum Butt can be used to craft

Card Drop Location[]

Bubblegum Butt can be obtained as loot in

  • Quest 43 (Earl of Lemongrab)
  • Quest 44 (Earl of Lemongrab)
  • Quest 45 (Earl of Lemongrab)
  • Quest 77 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 78 (Flame Princess)
  • Quest 82 (Finn)
  • Quest 83 (Finn)
  • Quest 84 (Finn)
  • Quest 85 (Gunter)
  • Quest 86 (Gunter)
  • Quest 87 (Gunter)
  • Quest 88 (Ice King)
  • Quest 89 (Ice King)
  • Quest 90 (Ice King)


Bubblegum Butt is one of the "Butt" cards (Strawberry Butt, Grape Butt, Bubblegum Butt and Banana Butt)