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Brief Power (★★★★★)
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Spell Effect

Every card cast this turn costs 1 less Magic Point.



Brief Power is a 5-Star, Algebraic Rare spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained through the Algebraic Chest, as a loot in Quest 53 or by redeeming a code.


There a many good strategies for this card. Example: Brief Power>Scroll of Bad Breath>Brief Power>(Can be continued with more Bad Breath Scrolls)Psionic Architect floop>Brief Power>(Can be continued with more Architects)>Witch Way>more Witch Ways, or Crystal Ball, to get better cards>Tax Reduction>WIN!.


Although this spell's effect is the same as Hunson Abadeer (Hero Card)'s Hero Ability, it completely negates the necessity of playing with Hunson Abadeer as you instantly save whatever magic points you spent to play it on the very next card you play. This is the most versatile and necessary card in the game as it literally pairs perfectly with every card except Black Cards. Using Brief Power along side draw and magic generators such as Witch Way, Crystal Ball, ZaZo's Magic Seeds, Throne of Doom/Gloom, Strawberry Butt, Snake Eye Ring etc typically creates combos and plays that lead to field flooding which will likely ensure victory unless your only creatures are Cool Cards.


If you have a lot of one magic point (spell or creature) cards on hand, empty lanes, or weak opposing creatures It is advised to use the card Brief Power so that you could put more creatures, use more spell/building cards, and possibly floop more by using less magic points.Tip: You can get this card by typing BRIEF in the code area.


Direct: Psychic Tempest (but it's a gamble: if your strategy isn't revolved around such cards, you will be putting yourself 1 step back by using it)


This card can be used to craft:

Card Drop Location[]

Quest Drop Rate
53 10%
77 4.5455%
112 3.0506%
113 3.0497%
114 3.0506%
115 3.7341%
116 3.7369%
117 3.7341%


  • Enter BRIEF in the "Redeem Code" window to obtain this card.