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Bone Wand (★★)
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Spell Effect

Choose a Useless Swamp creature and attack the opposing creature in its lane.



Bone Wand is a 2 Star, Nice spell in Card Wars. It can be obtained as loot in battle.



This is one of five spells that can be used to make your creature attack an opponent's creature outside of the battle phase. It is not only a "guaranteed critical strike" but mainly a "turn the table" card to kill a defending unit and deal damage without waiting. It also helps in situations when your aggressive (Attack > Defense) or weak card is in danger of not surviving the defense phase.

This card has a variety of uses in crafting but also makes your deck much more aggressive and potent so think twice before you craft something out of it.


Make sure your deck has a Useless Swamp creature to use this card on.

This card can serve as a cheaper substitute for Cerebral Bloodstorm or Clairvoyant Daggerstorm.


Direct: Psychic Tempest (but it's a gamble. if your strategy doesn't revolve around such cards, you could be putting yourself 1 step back by using it)

Non-direct: lower the attack of the creature, move your or opponent's creature.


Bone Wand can be used to craft

Card Drop Location[]

Quest Drop Rate
22 14.2857%
23 16.9014%
24 16.0000%
29 12.6984%
30 8.6022%
52 22.2222%
53 28.5714%
54 25.5319%