• Tigerhawk28
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  • Swagburgers

    Hi. I'm Swagburgers. I used to be very active on this wiki. But...

    Which is because the game is dying, too. Kung Fu Factory, D3, or whoever makes content for the game hasn't relased new content since February. By now, we kind of know everything there is to know about Card Wars. The game eventually comes to a point where it stops being interesting. People still play it, but rarely do they continue to play it for a long time. Forum topics are having 1-week gaps between comments, if there are any. However, we might still have hope, as the seahorse, pizza slice, stuffed shark, and dodecahedron guy on the loading screen have not been released yet. But they probably won't be, becauase at this point, the developers have stopped caring.

    Tell me if y…

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  • Ninjago light beam













    A - D

    Camera Dude

    Lower enemy hero's Magic Points by 2 next turn.




    Algebraic Rare


    Blue Plains



    Infinite Figure 

    Increase enemy's flooping cost by 1 next turn




    Algebraic Rare


    Blue Plains



    Timmy Magic Eyes

    Lower the cost of flooping creatures by 1 this turn.




    Algebraic Rare


    Blue Plains



    Log Knight

    Raise this creature's Attack by 4 for every creature you flooped this turn.




    Algebraic Rare


    Corn Fields



    Sun King

    Choose a creature and raise its Attack 4 points for each building you control.




    Algebraic Rare


    Corn Fields



    Yellow Gnome

    Lower the Attack of the opposing creature by 4 and increase this creature's Attack by 4.




    Algebraic Rare


    Corn Fields



    Apple Tree

    Fully heal a…

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  • NarwhalFTW

    Just to see how creative everyone is, I hope everyone will try and make a card idea!

    The Enchiridion is a 5 star spell that you give a creature attack equal to it's own defence. It costs 3 magic to use.

    Decky The Snowman is a 5 star niceland card that heals all creatures on the field by 10. It costs 1 magic to floop. He has 10 Attack and 30 defence.

    Spiritual Wall is a 5 star Halloween card that has 5 attack and 45 defence. Its floop is to raise all your creatures attacl and defence by 3. It costs 2 magic to floop and is in the Sandy Lands.

    Ornamentclops is a 5 star Christmas card that does 20 attack and has 10 defence. Its floop is to destroy this creature and to lower the defence of all opposing creatures by 12. It is a Rainbow card.

    Party Go…

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  • Nice King

    Help~ Quest Page Update

    January 28, 2016 by Nice King

    Example: Map Icon Finn

    Comment here if you can help. Thanks

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  • GazpachoMasterX

    I was trying to get the Ice King hero card by beating him on Quest 90. I was stuck on Marceline's Cave and suddenly, an update showed up and most of the characters you fight in quests have changed.

    According to his page you have to beat him at Quest 60 to unlock him now, I've done that but that no longer works.

    Any help?

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  • Riddlearmy

    Hey guys, the new Tree Trunks Side Quest is not showing up yet, even though it was supposed to be out today... do I need to have completed the entire campaign to get the quest? Your response would be appreciated.


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  • Nice King

    Tree Trunks Side Quest

    • Dec 01, 2015
    • Snowy McSnow
    • Deploy and Win (x21)
    • Reward: 1 Snowman Card (The landscape you most often put it on will decide what faction it will evolve into)
      • Corn Fields - Rural Earl
      • Nice Lands - Dr Phillip Flufferson
      • Blue Plains - Spectre Hector
      • Useless Swamp - Pete Bog
      • Sandy Lands - Sandbacho

    Chad Bear Side Quest (F&C)

    • Dec 01, 2015
    • Collect 4 Skates
    • Reward: Chad Bear

    Holiday Calendar

    • Dec 01, 2015
    •  Fruit Cake, Regular Card, Snowball, Regular Card

    Snowman Cards Bundle

    • Rural Earl, Dr Phillip Flufferson, Spectre Hector, Pete Bog, Sandbacho.
    • $ 4.99
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  • Randomphoenix03


    November 21, 2015 by Randomphoenix03

    So I started playing Card Wars again, deleted and reinstalled the app so it would restart my save file. After having a play count of about ~30 minutes total, I stopped, and then picked the game up again. However, the save file was deleted. No, I didn't delete it this time. I had NOTHING. What can I do to get it back?

    EDIT: I'm also afraid to start again, because I'm afraid it will be wiped for a second time.

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  • Riddlearmy

    My Page Introduction

    November 17, 2015 by Riddlearmy

    Hey little army (those are my YouTube fans),

    This is riddlearmy. Over the years, Card Wars has grown a lot. I've been around since August 2013, and remain true to the game still. It's great. Anyway, I hope to be posting a lot of content, from the best new decklist to crazy lore, so hopefully I can help you, and you can help me! If you are interested in Card Wars, be sure to check out my YouTube:

    Hope you enjoy!


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  • Shyster12

    Someone please help me! I lost all my good cards from card wars and i'm trying to get them back. I unistalled the app, because it had crashed to many times and then I reinstalled it. All my data was removed with new basic jake. I didn't like it one bit! Please Help Me! 

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  • SpiritDoesGaming

    So I will tell you what (awesome) cards I got today


    (Gold) Lime Slimey

    Dog Boy

    Field of Nightmares


    6 Orange Slimies

    1 Wandering Bald Man

    1 Patchy the Pumpkin

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  • SpiritDoesGaming

    Ask Peppermint Butler

    September 11, 2015 by SpiritDoesGaming

    Hello and Welcome to Ask Peppermint Butler

    In this blog I mainly answer questions people leave on my wall. But since this is my first time doing a blog I will answer common questions.

    Q: How old are you?

    A: Older than you

    Q: How did you meet Death?

    A: Same way when Prismo meets Jake

    Q: Are you good at card wars?

    A: Isn't it obvious? I am the final boss

    Thanks for coming across Ask Peppermint Butler, I will update the page when I actually get questions thanks everyone and goodbye

    -Peppermint Butler

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  • Natsu Fury

    Corn Swamp Deck

    September 10, 2015 by Natsu Fury

    Hey, guys I just got the game and i was wonder if you could give me some tips on how to play. Also, i ultimately wanna make a Corn Swamp deck. If you could give me a list of cards that would best support that build, i would be very greatful. See and i hope i could start holding little tournaments once i beat the game. ;-D

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  • Johnson ace

    I had 3G on (not wifi) and I clicked on deck wars. It loaded. Then I got this guy called Dax who had a level 4 magic man. He was 1st in the tournament. He had loads of really good cards and golden cards! I looked to the top right. He had about 9999999990 gems and 10000000 coins. I looked at his quests. He only had gotten to princess bubblegum (the first one) so he couldn't craft most things yet he hard so many good cards. The guy was probably a hacker but...

    I lost my progress of quests! I was on the last Huntson Abadeer in the dark forrest! I need to change back accounts but I don't know how. Someone please help me as soon as possible please!!!

    P.S my previous account was called Wizard.

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  • Dionderek.almiranez

    So, I'm stuck on LSP's 1st Dark Forest level. I'm trying to get some good cards like Fluffantry, Sandy, Rainbow Barfer etc. But crafting it is so expensive, any quests that I can get its gold versions.

    Goals: (Highly Impossible) Sandy, Sand Knight, Drooling Dude, Cactus Thug, Good King Wonderful, Sandwitch, Dark Angel

    Sorry if I have high expectations to get these cards.

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  • I Really Like It


    July 26, 2015 by I Really Like It
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  • Gummyman7 (A.K.A Geco4Ever)

    Hey guys, it's me Gummyman7 I made I new file I was formally known as "Geco4Ever" I want to start fresh on this new file. -G.

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  • Hinochi

    Your Favorite Hero!

    July 2, 2015 by Hinochi

    Who's your favorite Hero? I'm honestly divided between Hanson Abadeer and Ash.

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  • Asew54321

    I was playing 106 Marceline trying to farm for a gold Dr. Death (long shot, I know). She had a Dark Angel in lane 4 with a Cave of Solitude on it. It was at 1 HP. Then she played a gold Herculeye in lane 1. The result was the death of the Dark Angel. But even after it died, Marceline somehow flooped it. It didn't floop at all. In fact, it just froze my game. I had to exit it out. You can see in the screenshot below.

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  • TheTruffle

    Ok I don't really know why this happened but I did my gift from the gift box I got 5 hearts and then my game crashed and now I have to wait 32 years to do it again! Can anyone help me?

    I'd post a pic but I'm new and I don't know how.

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  • Geco4Ever

    So if you wanna see all the "Holiday Cards" and "Halloween Cards" go on my profile scroll down, and you will see my favorite links. And yup that's it. (Hope this helps) -G

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  • Darth Cenarius

    I can't access Card Wars. It says I need to update but somehow I can't.

    My game files are missing after the latest update.

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  • Geco4Ever

    So, I'm asking people what superly Awesome rarity's they've got in the Algebraic Chest. If you wanna tell me what Awesome rares you got a post a comment in the reply. -G

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  • Geco4Ever

    I've encountered a few odd glitches that are hard to explain, so could someone tell me how to take a screenshot if you could tell me that'd be great. -G

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  • Geco4Ever

    These are some of my ideas for future updates.

    1. A Card Wars trading system. (where you could trade cards with anyone!)

    2. A Card Wars card shop. (Where you could buy certain cards with "coins" or "gems"

    3. A new faction of "Fire," "Ice," or "Water,"

    So those are some of my ideas for future updates. If you wanna tell me about what you think they should add in the Game just tell me. -G

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  • Geco4Ever

    Any ideas for future updates? These are some of my thoughts.

    A Card Wars trading system 1.

    A Card Wars shop (where you can buy cards with "coins" or "gems") 2.

    A new faction of "Fire" or "water" 3.

    So if you have future ideas call me. -Thank you. -G

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  • DSrOpQ2002

    A glitch found

    March 17, 2015 by DSrOpQ2002

    A glitch can happen if you do the following: -Having low Magic Points -Use a Spell Card (only rarity 4 and below) -And IMMEDIETLY tap on a creature's floop and using it. The glitch results in this:

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  • B-doom13

    Card Wars Board Game

    March 7, 2015 by B-doom13

    I'm pretty sure not many of you have heard of the card wars board game. It is pretty good and I always play it when my IPad is dead. Comment if you know about it!

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  • DSrOpQ2002

    Post your Card Wars bugs here: Sometimes, when you are not connected to the internet and played Card Wars, it resets from where you have played after you were disconnected from the internet. (E.g.Quest 100 ...after 10 mins and no internet, Quest 110... After a few hours from not playing,

    Quest 100.) Read more >
  • Alex the Vampire

    I was on the game. Got three gems and spent on algebraic chest - got Sandwitch. 

    When I went on the game later, all of my progress was gone! It was back to how it had been before with just two gems!

    This isn't the first time this has happened. Card Wars always freezes on important missions and erases some of my progress for no reason whatsoever, and it's really beginning to annoy me! And help..?

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  • Kitty007

    Hi my friends

    January 26, 2015 by Kitty007

    Hi peeps it's nice to meet you all.

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  • Slimy boss


    January 22, 2015 by Slimy boss

    I am new here but I am great at card wars

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  • Biesaga


    January 6, 2015 by Biesaga

    So, today I turned on Card Wars, and for some reason the tutorial started! Now it won't let me do anything besides open up the quest map and then it just freezes! PLEASE HELP, I LOVE THIS GAME! D,:

    I think this happened after the game updated, why would they do this?

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  • Kblink123456

    Card Wars is a great game. There are so many people who play, and the possibilities for it are endless. SO WHY IS THE WIKI SO INACTIVE! Look on a page. Chances are, it's not complete, and it probably won't be for a while. THIS SHOULD BE FIXED! We should do as many things as possible to make this Wiki a BETTER PLACE! This is CARD WARS PEOPLE! THE WIKI CAN BE BETTER! SO LETS MAKE IT BETTER! (sorry for the rant)

    My Ideas:

    • Getting the card completely filled out
    • Moving Black Cards to their own special page
    • Adding pages for Deck Building Help and a page for glitches
    • Making the Wiki more User friendly
    • Try to add more helpful information

    I know Nice King is active, and it would be nice(hehe) if he saw this and maybe tried to make some of these changes. I…

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  • Gael3D

    Known issues and bugs

    December 23, 2014 by Gael3D

    Card Wars app for Android and OsX is currently on his 1.1.6 version. Known issues and bugs such as an empty pop up message that resets the app, lost background for battles and many other glitches and bugs in Daily Dungeon or Battle Mode are well know by users an developers.

    Currently, Kung Fu Factory support is working to fix this issues. What we should do as customers? Should we sit until Xmas edition is finished and hope that next upgrade will have this bugs fixed?

    Did you contact support to claim for this annoying bugs on your game experiencie?

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  • Card Wars

    My (improving) Deck

    December 14, 2014 by Card Wars

    So, I am not that far in the game, only on level 70, but I have been focusing on Deck wars to get more gold cards. I use one main deck, and here it is.

    Landscapes: 2x Useless Swamp, 1x Nice Lands, and 1x Sandy Lands.


    Ash (Level 17) 

    Useless Swamp:

    1x Teeth Leaf (Trying to get gold Dr. Death and Immortal Maize Walker)

    1x Mace Stump

    1x Snappy Dresser

    1x Herculeye

    2x Chest Burster

    1x Gray Eyebat

    1x Green Merman (Trying To craft a Green Mermaid)

    Some Useless Swamp Cards I really need are Gold Tree of Underneath, Gold Dr. Death, Gold Immortal Maize Walker, Gold Steak Chop, and Hot Eyebat.

    Nice Lands: 

    1x Snake Mint

    1x Gold Good King Wonderful

    1x Sgt. Mushroom

    1x The Cow

    1x Well Dressed Wolf

    1x Fluffantry

    1x Travelin' Wizard

    Some Nice Lands Cards I really nee…

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  • Nice King

    Thank you for helping.

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  • Chyunman98

    This is a deck I've been working since I first got the game. 


    BMO (I think this is one of the best Heroes in the game. Too bad that Jake and BMO don't get along...) 

    Flame Princess (My deck is somewhat big and draw power is needed in this deck)

    Landscapes: Pure Blue Plains (why is this bad in the strategy sections? The FLOOPS are really good in this deck.)


    3x Woadic Time Walkers (for the piercing damage)

    3x Gold Heavenly Gazers (Amazing Draw Power.)

    2x Gold Cool Dogs (Blocking off Floops are nice to have. Still argue it's use in this deck)

    2x Temporal Wisps (Amazing defensive FLOOPS. I usually stall with this card to get my draws.

    2x Poultrygeists (Can't stress enough how useful that extra 2 MP is. I prefer it over the Future Scho…

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  • Gio7sm

    Deck Wars placing!

    November 13, 2014 by Gio7sm

    Dear Bloggy,

    Today, I updated Card Wars and decided to enter a tournament using Ghost Jake. I am currently using a Cornfield/Blue Plains deck, and entered a few matches. I lost some, but the most important thing is, I won some. And those wins skyrocketed me from 15th to 4th! I have 8 more days to defend my current placing. Wish me luck!

    Im still new to this game, and I could use some help from veterans! So please comment below your tips and opinions about my Corn/Blue deck. I use some Cornballs, Gazers, Travellin' Farmers, Ethans, Cool Dogs, and my most priced possesions, Dragon Foot and Corn Ronin! 


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  • ScorpiMesmo46

    Has anyone else noticed that if you add the defense and attack values of all black cards it equals 30?

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  • BMO Laura 13

    My Deck

    November 9, 2014 by BMO Laura 13

    So my deck isn't finished yet (actually I have a long ways to go) but here's what I got so far.

    4 Landscapes: Blue Plains, Corn Fields, Sandylands, and Useless Swamps

    Hero: Lvl 30 Finn (working on training BMO)

    Blue Plains: 1x Axey, 1x Dragon Claw, 1x Woadic Chief, 1x Embarrassing Bard(gold) 2x Diamond Dan

    Cornfields: 1x Archer Dan(gold), 1x Patchy the Pumpkin, 1x Cornataur, 1x Mary Ann, 1x Captain Taco

    Sandylands: 1x Beach Mum, 1x Sandfoot, 1x Fummy(gold), 1x Sandwitch(gold), 2x Sandy, 2x Sandy(gold)

    Useless Swamp: 1x Hot Eyebat, 1x Red Eyeling, 1x Green Mermaid, 1x Dr. Death, 1x Immortal Maize Walker(gold)

    Rainbow: 1x Porcelin Guardian, 2x Unicycle Knight

    Spells: 3x Witchway, 2x Crystal Ball, 1x Celebral Bloodstorm, 2x Unemptied Coffin

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  • CyborgTr7

    Hi there everyone! Thanks to GOD777 We know how we can obtain Ghost Jack hero card. If you want to get the new Ghost Jake hero card go to the redeem code section in the settings menu and type in the word GHOST DOG and you will get the new Ghost jake hero card!!!

    His ability is incraese the attack of all blue plains creatures by 5 every 3 turns. And he looks cool too.

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  • M8r-fs47p3

    Creatures Summary Table

    October 1, 2014 by M8r-fs47p3

    Card Qual Faction Rarity MP ATK DEF A+D A-D Loot deck Wars Craft Ing Cool Chest Alg Chest unob sale Floop Cost Floop
    Ancient Scholar Reg BP 2 2 3 13 16 -10 N N Y Y N N N 100 3 Return a creature from the Discard Pile to your hand.
    Heavenly Gazer Reg BP 1 1 1 6 7 -5 Y N N Y Y N N 10 2 Draw 1 card.
    Angel Heart Reg NL 1 1 1 6 7 -5 Y N N Y Y N N 10 1 Choose one of your creatures and heal it 3 points.
    Sand Angel Reg SL 1 1 2 6 8 -4 N N Y Y N N N 10 1 Choose one of your creatures and give it +2 Defense.
    Mayonaise Angel Reg SL 2 2 4 12 16 -8 N N Y Y N N N 100 2 Choose one of your creatures and give it +4 Defense.
    Archer Dan Reg CF 2 2 12 6 18 6 N N Y Y N N N 100 2 Choose an opposing creature and lower its Attack by 4.
    Axey Reg BP 2 2 13 5 18 8 N N Y…

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  • Mioakiyama2

    Just today when I bought an Algebraic Chest.. All I got was a Farmer Tom.

    Meh Good enough xD

    What's your latest card from da Algebraic chest?

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  • Nice King

    These cards are Craftable.

    No idea on the case of removal of Zazo's Magic Seeds.

    2 Cool Gold creatures that are not yet available:

    • Gold Poultrygeist
    • Gold Travelin' Skeleton (I think it is available in version 1.0.5 but not in the succeeding versions)

    Some cards remained craftable and obtainable as loot, e.g Travelin' Wizard (also obtainable in the Cool and Algebraic Chests).

    The remaining obtainable as loot cards got increased drop rates or either retained it's drop rate while already low Gold card's drop rates were lowered instead.

    Cards that are no longer obtainable as loot:

    Ancient Scholar

    Archer Dan

    Astral Fortress


    Banana Butt

    Big Foot

    Blueberry Djini

    Cave of Solitude

    Comfy Cave

    Corn Castle

    Corn Dog


    Dark Angel

    Dark Portal

    Dr. Death

    Dragon Claw


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  • TheCorndog

    There can be only one...

    While trying to craft a Cornataur, I realized how many cards it was using just to make the cards I needed to craft it.

    3x Corn Dog 1x Ice Paladin 3x Dark Portal 110,000 Coins

    3 Corn Dogs are 15 cards

    1x Cool Dog 1x Corn Scepter 3x Cornball 1,000 Coins

    Ice Paladins are 8 cards

    1x Husker Knight 4x Freezy J. 3x Detective Bobby 69,000 Coins

    3 Dark Portals are 3 cards

    1x Ancient Scholar 1x Bone Wand 1x Teleport 11,000 Coins

    That is 26 already and many of these cards can then be broken down further into even more cards.

    This is only a 4-cost card, so there are probably a few even worse than this. So now I'm wondering which card can take the most cards to craft. Might take a lot of adding!

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  • Nice King

    A Blank Hero Card

    September 13, 2014 by Nice King
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  • The lego mind

    Card wars glitching up?

    September 13, 2014 by The lego mind

    Hey, my card wars is starting to be crappy, I think it's just me but, I'm currently versing flame princess in the ice kingdom... FOR THE 6th TIME! I don't know why! I beat FP and made it all the way to Gunter, then suddenly it just makes me go back to FP! I noticed it's happening after I play a game of deck wars which is also glitching up, so... If this is happening to you, can you let me know? I think it's just me...

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  • ShadowNukePie


    September 13, 2014 by ShadowNukePie

    this tourny gave me ANOTHER gold lost golem, when it was supposed to give a gold immortal maize walker...

    Idk why? Is this a glitch....

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