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Astral Fortress (★)
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Building Effect

Creature in this lane gets +4 Defense


Astral Fortress is a 1 Star, Cool building in Card Wars. It can be obtained through crafting at the Card Forge.

This card was featured in the episode although it was never named.



For a building of 1 Magic cost, it gives 4 extra defense which is fairly useful in the early game.


It can be used in Nice Lands and Sandy Lands "stall" decks for extra defensive purposes for a cheap cost.

This card is crafted straight away but later sold as it sees next to no play in later game.

It helps power up your high attack and low defense creatures or power up your high defense ones even higher.


There are several cards that can either destroy, bounce back to the hand or inflict damage if they are on the field, this gives varied different counter methods.

Alternatively, You can use other buildings such as: Corn Dome in the early game) or just high attack creatures that make sure no matter how much extra defense given their creatures will die quickly.


Astral Fortress can be crafted using

Astral Fortress can be used to craft

Card Drop Location[]

Unobtainable as loot.


  • When you start a new game with a person who's got Finn as hero, you can see in the animation at the start of the game, in Finn's hand, this card